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Hilarys Sweet Lemon Mint Plant

Hilarys Sweet Lemon Mint Plant

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Hilary's Sweet Lemon, also known as Mentha spp., is a hybrid of apple and lime mints developed by Jim Westerfield. This unique mint variety offers a strong lemon scent and flavor. This perennial herb has silver-green foliage and blooms in summer with lavender flowers. This plant is more compact than most mint varieties, with a trellising habit that reaches just 12" tall and wide. Mint Hilarys Sweet Lemon is hardy in zones 5-9, offering attractive foliage that is effortless to grow. It flourishes in full sun with plenty of water and excels in containers. Hilary's Sweet Lemon brings a unique flavor to summer teas and lemonades. 4.5 inch nursery pot

This plant is patio pot perfect!

If you plant it in your landscape, it will spread.

Perennial in our area. Multiplies each year!


Available for pickup starting 5-1-24.

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